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Monitoring and Control – you clearly need a decent plan first but please don’t forget to actively monitor where you are against that plan – putting in small early remedial actions is always the best approach as compared to leaving it late and being under pressure. My analogy here is a pilot flying a plane, the pilot doesn’t just log a flight plan he/she monitors during the flight!Great comments, thanks for sharing.

Howard has been in journalism for 40 years. His resume includes positions with the Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle and The Arizona Republic.Mindy McAdams, a journalism professor and Knight Chair at the , says:

During this weekly review, you&aposll update the workplan with the current state of work that is completed and in progress. You&aposll evaluate the remaining work to see if the project will be completed within the original effort, cost, and duration plans. If it can, you are in good shape. If it can&apost, you must implement corrective action.

Innovative leaders scored higher when it comes to seizing opportunities. They are proactive and take initiative and ownership for success. These CEOs anticipate potential obstacles before taking action, but avoid over-analysis. They push for personal performance and are able to work independently for extended periods of time with minimal support. They are also able to change directions quickly to take advantage of new opportunities when they come up.

There is one competency where innovative leaders perform more poorly than less innovative leaders — maintaining order and accuracy. For this reason, organizations need to supplement innovation initiatives with people who are strong in project management, or provide tools and training to help the innovators manage the details more effectively.

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