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A child with a vaccine-preventable disease can be denied attendance at

I analyze the legal framework for religious exemptions in detail in a forthcoming paper. Good sources on exemptions are provided by Alicia Novak Steve Calandrillo.

An early childhood service or primary school’s compliance with the regulations (ie, keeping an immunisation register for all eligible children in an appropriate format) will be included in the ERO general audit of that service or school. The ERO may comment on an early childhood service or school’s service or school can use enrolment software as an immunisation register, when the software has been suitably modified to include all the required information.

Importantly, the vast majority of children will be unaffected by the changes as over 93% of children in NSW are fully vaccinated at one and five years of age (see ). When last measured in December 2015, parental conscientious objection affected only around 1.15% of children aged 0-7 years in NSW. Children who cannot be fully vaccinated due to a medical condition or who are on a recognised catch-up schedule will still be able to be enrolled upon presentation of the appropriate form signed by a medical practi

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Some states also let parents claim a exemption, though New York does not. Some parents refuse to have their children vaccinated because of a belief that vaccines can cause autism, though has ever been proved.We’re interested in your feedback on this page.

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