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Mark Joseph Stern is a writer for . He

Efforts to justify American military intervention across the globe with humanitarian reasoning ring hollow to Greg Shupak. Syrians, he argues, are entitled to “self-determination and to sovereignty,” against the “imperialist domination” and “war profiteering” of American interventions. We’re interested in your feedback on this page.

Stern countered that dismissing this as merely a joke is “really underplaying what the allegations are.” The Slate writer further stated that this could represent a “come to Jesus moment” for Democrats to a line in the sand and acknowledge that they messed up in the past with Clinton.

Circumcising children is not a medical decision. There is precious little “medicine” behind it. It is a desire to NOT think about circumcision that drives men to cut their children.We recognize in this country that there is such a concept as “a conflict of interest.” We acknowledge that people’s abilities to be objective in their evaluation of facts is typically impaired by emotions and conflicting loyalties coming into play, and that emotions run high when there are personal stakes.

Speaking of risk assessment, does Stern really think that Americans are the only people who care whether or not a rampant epidemic breaks out in their country and that, by keeping their boys intact, the rest of the world has resigned itself to a fast and furious demise? Is he actually saying that the Australians don’t mind all that much whether or not they all contract HIV? That the Dutch shrug off the prospect of a generation ravaged by cervical cancer with nary a second thought? Does expect readers to s

Scalia’s originalism was inconsistent his racism was not.In a revealing 2011 interview with , Scalia stated plainly that women are not protected by the Constitution:

Doctors in America are quite ignorant about foreskin anatomy form and function. You’ll have to find your sources elsewhere.The majority of Jews generally are biased as hell for circumcision.

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