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Is a great way to enhance your conference calls. But when

It all boils down to a universal business problem: In a world of remote workers and virtual employees, in which conference calls are a necessary evil for communicating, what can do to create a better conference call experience?  

Maranda is originally from Glenwood, Arkansas (Google it, it&aposs real) and moved to Texas after graduating from Henderson State University in 2005. She earned her BA in Communications and began working at AccuConference as a writer and customer contact. Maranda has a deep passion for baseball, novel writing, and music. At home, she’s usually doing something that relates to one those things. Go Rangers!

With all the ongoing technological improvements, video conferencing has slowly inserted itself into our lives and has become a common way to communicate in a professional setting, whether it is for a client meeting, an interview or just to stay in touch with colleagues who are working from home (or vice versa). A video conference call is different from a regular call because it helps you stay meeting focused and organized, brainstorm and find solutions to problems instantly and create a better connection wi

When it comes to stopping unwanted guests on your conference calls, the best thing you can do is ensure your passwords are safe. The best way to do this is to ensure your conferencing system is using complex passwords or better yet has reservationless conferencing functionality to throws out pin codes altogether.More often than not when it comes to conference call security, you “get what you pay for,” leaving many using free or ultra-low cost conferencing services vulnerable to attacks and even hacks.

I mean, who wants to deal with passwords anyways. Do you really want to remember another one? I didn’t think so.

Sharing microphones seems like an easy cost saver, but it decreases sound quality for everyone. If you place one microphone between two participants, they often end up speaking into the sides. Conferencing microphones usually are not designed to pick up sound sources from the sides.

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