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Musk will be competing for a piece of the cislunar pie

I wonder what Trump&aposs reaction will be when his Transition Team tells him about costs/delays in the Boeing/Lockheed Martin SLS/Orion program. WIll he haul the CEOs back in for another deal making session?Oh wait - a genius in NAC meeting suggested that the speaker sit at the table next to a mic and *PRESTO* we can hear them

Why would they need to know the weight of the rocks? They were able then (as now) to control the amount and duration of thrust on non-solid fuel rockets to correct or fine-tune trajectories and arrive where they want. The crude (by today’s standards) on-board computers were able to help them in the moment. Apollo 13 was a good example of the need to adjust thrust mid-stroke without the anticipated load… …on that note, our out-sized rockets (and the Soviets’) were examples of our mutu

Last night Elon Musk providing an update on his vision for building an interplanetary spaceship, and in the process described at length how he intends to make such a rocket/spacecraft affordable, efficient, and profitable. His update included outlining how he hopes this rocket could even be used as a transportation vehicle on Earth. However, this was what I consider the most significant: Regular readers can support with a contribution via paypal:

Let me also note that Lockheed Martin’s concept above illustrates nicely what . They have been touting it for years as the vehicle that will get Americans to Mars, but now admit that it can only really be a small part of a much larger interplanetary ship, and will be there mostly to be the descent capsule when astronauts want to come home. They also admit in the video at the first link that their proposal for getting to Mars is only a concept. To build it would require many billions of dollars. I wond

Last Fall I posted a series of articles that looked into how CASIS operates. I am told that this exercise caused some consternation within CASIS and, to some extent, within NASA as well. I was also told that changes were being made at CASIS - by CASIS staff themselves. So I thought I&aposd wait a bit and see if anything started to change. It has been 6 months since I started posting this series. I detect no change in CASIS whatsoever. They are as oblivious to their long-standing problems - and equally as cluele

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