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Your doctor will ask you about your

Once you&aposve scheduled your screening, don&apost forget to bring the results of any past colonoscopies with you to your appointment. Knowing your history will better enable your doctor to evaluate your current results and recommend follow-up. And be sure to follow the carefully.Stories and news about treatment advances that improve your and quality of life

“Most patients don’t need another exam for 10 years,” said Dr. Gellad. That’s what your doctor is likely to recommend if your colonoscopy doesn’t reveal any polyps and you don’t have other risks for colon cancer, such as a family history of the disease. That said, your doctor could recommend a repeat exam sooner if your colonoscopy is incomplete -- either because the prep was poor or the doctor was unable to reach the start of the large intestine. The goal is for GI doctors to be able to recomme

It may take a few years to months to diagnose but usually, you’ve been having some symptoms for a very long time. So as you get prepared for the long awaited visit to your doctor, you may want to fill out this to help you to keep track of your symptoms.Then they will do order some labs,

Being ready to answer their questions will leave time all the questions you have. Your Doctor will want to know the following:

If you have children at home — from a toddler to a teenager — . Even one accidental dose of an opioid pain medicine meant for an adult can cause a fatal overdose in a child. Also, teenagers and others in the home or who are visiting may seek out opioid pain medicines for nonmedical use. They may look bathroom medicine cabinets for a chance to steal these medicines.If your doctor thinks your pain is best managed with a prescription opioid, then ask:

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