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The Bulgarian authorities are doing everything essential to prevent

CHRISTIAN WENAWESER () said States were obliged to criminalize, investigate, prosecute and punish slavery where it occurred. Yet, an estimated 46 million people had fallen victim to modern slavery and trafficking, with convictions for those crimes amounting to a mere fraction of the total number of perpetrators. “The impunity gap is glaring”, he said. A workshop organized by Liechtenstein and the United Kingdom on how the Security Council could tackle human trafficking during conflict identified 10 idea

5. False. Virtual communication with Bulgarians is acceptable only if necessary. It is essential to make frequent visits to them in person to maintain the level of trust and understanding the relationship is founded on.Search our Course Catalogue for all Bulgaria Courses

Most food is quite safe to eat. Make sure you wash fruits and vegetables prior to eating. Especially during the hot summer months, products such as meat and eggs may be more easily contaminated with bacteria, so try to buy food from clean and reputable places.

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