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“One thing that we must all remember is that carbohydrates are essential to fuel your brain, boost our energy and maintain our metabolism. The key is to eat the right kinds of food that contain carbohydrates,” says Meghan Daw, RD, LDN, from Fresh Thyme Farmers Market. “These foods contain that are more complex, meaning they contain fiber and other nutrients that take time to digest and allow a slow release of sugar into the body. This slow release does increase blood sugar levels over time but not all

The rise of partisan media helps candidates who once would have been marginalized. In recent years, Carson was a “ .” Once, a figure like would not have had such a platform. Trump by contrast has , and made his name chiefly in the mainstream media.

Trump clearly doesn’t want to be personally culpable for the fate of the “DREAMers.” That’s too bad it’s part of politics. But if he starts assuaging his own guilt by pretending that he painlessly “revisit” and extend DACA in six months even if Congress doesn’t act, he’s obscuring the truth about what his government is doing to the people they “love” right now.That deadline was set by a memo from Trump’s Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday — part of the administration’s e

Hi Annemarie Why would you want to lower cholesterol? Best wishes ZoeMost lipid clinics probably think you can’t go too low in cholesterol but then they’re stupid enough to be trying to lower it all the time anyway!

Be sure to hear your friend out and attempt to understand where she is coming from. Ask her for reading suggestions that might help you better understand her side of things, and then follow up with feedback that is both unassuming and respectful. Ask questions, and listen to her answers. You will likely be rewarded by an attentive ear in return.“Let’s just agree to disagree,” we hear people say, and this is usually just another way of saying, “.” B

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