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The role of the conveniently lets Mr Spielberg put Katharine Graham at the film’s dramatic centre. Graham’s father bought the at auction in 1933, and left it to her husband, who was bipolar and killed himself in 1963. Graham thus became publisher by accident, as Ms Streep notes, at the age of 45, having never before held a job. Hence the story of her decision—and the film, to its credit, leaves no doubt over whose decision it was—to publish is also the story of her growing into her role as chief ex

The movie is a modestly budgeted yet visually polished product. There are several small touches that work, such as the yet still professional demeanor of the wait staff, particularly actors Eamon Farren and Tyler Coppin. (The latter had a brief role in “The Road Warrior.”)It’s unclear exactly who in the audience is supposed to love other than the cinematic lottery winners working at the Winchester Mystery House.

Perhaps that’s one reason Ridley Scott keeps returning to deep space. This is the third of his films — after “Alien” in 1979 and “Prometheus” in 2012 — set beyond the dark side of the Hands down it’s also the funniest, loosest and most optimistic of the group, at once an ode to far-out adventuring and to terra-firma home, a sweeping, old-fashioned entertainment and a plaintive portrait of solitude as both a creative necessity and a danger. It also serves as a nice plug for NASA, which has re

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