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This would establish a default visibility timeout for this queue of

I have been conducting a lot of Azure workshops, and just wanted to say a big for these improvements !!. Customers will be very happy in my next boot camp . Kudos to the Storage team !

When getting a message, the worker gets back a pop-receipt. A valid pop-receipt is needed to perform any action on the message while it is invisible in the queue. The Update Message requires the pop receipt returned during the “” request or a previous Message. The pop receipt is invalid (400 HTTP status code) if:

211. What is the maximum size of an S3 object?

Specify the queue region which could be used with to build the service URL.: Region will still default to  if  

The visibility timeout defines the number of seconds to for the worker to acknowledge the task before the message is redelivered to another worker. Be sure to see below.

Azure supports two types of queue mechanisms: and .

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