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As you undertake a systems thinking process,

WHAT is the “11th archetype”? I only see ten listed.There are a number of tools and concepts that help practitioners in the systems thinking process:

Communication also relates to the coordination and collaboration of multiple sectors and actors. According to the , “Individuals that are malnourished have been failed by many different sectors: agriculture, health, education, social welfare, finance, and labor. To address malnutrition effectively requires alliances between sectors” (SUN 2014). Alignment of public and private sector communication is essential for advocating for nutrition and leading to a healthy and nutrition-informed community.In addit

Traditional management methods encourage a fragmented view of processes and silo like mentalities that often both create and hide ineffective practice. Thinking about work design and policies in a more systemic way has proved extremely effective at helping managers and organisations to:Applied in our context it is a management methodology which promotes common sense thinking, adaptability in the face of change and the elimination of waste in work processes.

Michaela Cosijn is an International Development Research Officer in CSIRO with expertise in markets for the poor, public-private partnerships, natural resource management and monitoring and evaluation. She has previously worked as an independent consultant in East Africa and Asia with NGO’s, government and the private sector on aspects relating to environmental management and livelihoods strategies, as well as an environmental specialist to oil and gas industry. She has also worked in New Zealand as an En

All Participants were given information sheets which they were asked to read and understand before giving consent to participate in the study. These also included information about voluntary participation in the study and withdrawal with no effects on their roles in the institutions represented and or services they may receive in future. At the end of the information section of the online anonymous survey, participants were informed that their decision to continue with completing the survey indicated that t

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