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False-positive and false-negative results can also occur because of

A. Dr. R. Garth Sasser of BioTracking Inc., developed the BioPRYN test using technology licensed from the University of Idaho. BioTracking is the sole manufacturer of BioPRYN. Garth Sasser also developed the licensed technology while a researcher and faculty member at the University of Idaho. The test uses enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology for processing, which contributes to its low cost and fast turn-around.

Statistical expertise: H.D. Nelson, E.S. O&aposMeara, D. Miglioretti.Screening mammography can produce false-positive or false-negative results.

© 2001-2018 - All Rights Reserved.Women who are overweight and have a high BMI body mass have lower hCG pregnancy hormone levels.

While many of today&aposs medical tests are accurate, false negative or positives do occur. What causes these erroneous results?

Conception and design: H.D. Nelson, K. Kerlikowske, D. Miglioretti.

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