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National Chief Perry Bellegarde said that two recent Supreme Court

The decision clarifies a boundary on the Charter right to freedom of religion, establishing that the government does not have a duty to protect an object of religious beliefs. Instead, the duty is to protect the right to hold such beliefs and to practice those beliefs in worship.

Many were also prey to “sexual and physical abusers” in school administrations, the report found. An estimated 80,000 former residential school students are alive today, according to commission estimates.By better understanding their experiences, Canadians “will be more open bring about real reconciliation,” he said.

The Supreme Court of Canada has turned down a B.C. First Nations’ request to stop a ski hill development because of a belief that the spirit of a grizzly bear would be destroyed or driven away by the project, rendering their religious beliefs meaningless.

At least one Indigenous potential candidate – University of Victoria law professor John Borrows – was viewed as a contender, and had been studying French. British Columbia&aposs former representative for children and youth, Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond, was also seen as a possibility. She is bilingual. But a source told The Globe and Mail Ms. Turpel-Lafond was not on the shortlist of three to five an independent committee gave to the Prime Minister.Justice Martin will participate in a question-and-answer sessio

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