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The first rotten review for ‘Lady Bird’ on has arrived

She hasn’t discovered a lot of things clove cigarettes, Jim Morrison, what “the deuce” is, how to drink liquor or that her school has an annual musical. And she doesn’t yet know how to look out for herself and others, whether it’s her mother Marion (Laurie Metcalf), a nurse, or her best friend Julie (Beanie Feldstein).She craves sophistication in a way that she can’t quite put into words or actions, beyond a vague desire to go to an East Coast college, but she’s cer

Gerwig wrote in the film’s production notes about the influence of Joan Didion, probably Sacramento’s most famous native child of the past century, on the development of own sense of the city. “When I discovered her writing as a young teenager,” Gerwig wrote of Didion, “it was spiritually seismic … She was my personal poet laureate. It was the first time I experienced an artist’s eye looking at my home.”

The scene in which she sells out her hometown within 24 hours of arriving at her fancy East Coast college (she tells someone at a party that she’s “from San Francisco”)? Sadly, also a moment stolen from my life.

I’ve seen “Lady Bird,” and I’m here to confirm for you that it is, in fact, good. Since I know most Yalies rely on Weekend as their exclusive, definitive arbiter all things good and bad in the culture, I accept in advance your thanks for this service. No need to write in.

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