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Be mindful of how these items are discarded in

– You are encouraged to educate yourself and others with the alternative sustainable systems that will be throughout the festival site. Enjoy being a sustainability ambassador and get to know our Susty Crew!Escape to Mystical Isle

– Packaging should be reduced at source. Ideally do not bring products with packaging, but if you do discard all packaging BEFORE arriving on site, the waste you bring in, you will need to dispose of according to our waste management scheme or pack out.By becoming a participant and ticket holder you become an ambassador for our environmental policy, the below agreements are to be fully

Examination of attachment-related beliefs using one-way analyses of variance (see ) revealed significant differences between the HD and CC groups on each of the 5 beliefs (emotional attachment, responsibility, memory, utility, aesthetic appeal) for both personal possessions and the newly acquired item (magazine). In each case, multiple comparisons indicated that the HD groups endorsed more of each type of belief or attachment than did the CC group (s &amplt .05). Thus, hypothesis 1b, that participants with HD wo

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