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“Before the universe there had only been two things.

The other theory posits that the universe materialized literally out of nothing. As Stephen Hawking puts it, in this theory the universe “would be neither created nor destroyed. It would just BE.” Physicists in this school point to a documented phenomenon known as quantum tunneling, in which very small particles appear in different places at the same time. happens only to particles smaller than an atom. But since at the time of the big bang the entire universe was subatomic, the entire universe could ha

Extraordinary great post! But please note that for a post of that length, a table of contents might be useful. Greetings from Munich! 🙂Sounds like a premise for a good sci-fi flick…

Image credit: ESO / G. Beccari, via only when the Universe has cooled enough that elements aren&apost immediately split apart -- a little more than three minutes in -- that can build our way up the periodic table.

On most versions of the Many Hypothesis, these many worlds are not, except through their origins, causally related. Some object that, since our world could not be causally affected by such other worlds, we can have no evidence for their existence, and can therefore have no reason to believe in them. But we do have such a reason, since their existence would explain an otherwise puzzling feature of our world: the appearance of fine-tuning.

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