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SpaceX's announcement came hours after U.S. defense, security and aerospace

SpaceX has won an Air Force contract launch a secretive, unmanned X-37B space plane later this year. The upstart rocket outfit edged out United Launch Alliance -- a joint venture between and -- that until recently had a monopoly on United States military launches. Not much is known about the X-37B plane, which .

The formation of the new military branch would be the first since the creation of the Air Force in 1947. The Space Corps would report to the Air Force much like the Marines currently fall under the Navy&aposs purview.

And finally, : the ship Musk wants use to colonize Mars.

Monday’s launch is scheduled to get off the ground at 7:15AM ET, though the rocket can takeoff up until 9AM ET. The launch was originally scheduled for Sunday at the same time, but the mission was scrubbed due to an issue with one of the sensors on the Falcon 9 first stage. But weather is looking mostly good for a launch tomorrow there’s a 70 percent chance that conditions will be favorable, . SpaceX’s coverage of the launch begins 20 minutes before liftoff, so check back then to watch the mission li

Among those open issues identified by the Air Force: SpaceX integrates satellites with its rockets horizontally, but the Air Force prefers vertical integration SpaceX’s planned addition of GPS-based launch vehicle tracking information assurance and secure flight termination.According industry sources, SpaceX’s practice of tweaking certain parameters of the rocket in between launches also was a factor.

The fate of the confidential U.S. satellite Zuma has captured the imagination of the space community and prompted unanswered questions over how the government will investigate the mission and prevent similar losses of taxpayer investment.The House Strategic Forces Subcommittee Chairman Rogers, R-Ala., sent me a statement noting that “space is a risky business” and saying “I remain committed to providing rigorous oversight that accounts for that risk and ensures that we can meet all of our national sec

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