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Face it, when you look great you feel great. Your

Selfies serve lots of purposes that change with your audience. Kim and Kylie are obviously selling their look and need to appear perfect. On the flip side, I send my best friends photos of myself in which I look frighteningly bad. But it’s funny! I love a good laugh at my face’s expense among friends. You might need a selfie for your Twitter profile pic or even a dating profile, so my tips below are for capturing your best self. Now, go lay those thirst traps and get out there.

Priyanka Chopra wears her medium-long hair with just a slight bend and mega-watt shine. (Pro tip: When adding subtle waves to your hair, be sure to prime first with a protective spray or serum like .Jennifer Hudson&amp#x27s cute crop shows off her stunning features — the sideswept fringe creating the perfect frame for her gorgeous eyes.

Thank you so much for this. I love it.

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