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MR. RUSSERT: Robert Reich, on program said...

For a personal project, trashing work you dislike is fine, but I wouldn&apost do that to a client (or to my boss). It becomes very expensive and time consuming, and they&aposre often looking for .I make sure to do a health-check of the design:

TYSON: I agree with

Mr. Gagnon has a list of recommendations but said one dwarfs all others: reducing America’s growing budget deficit, which is fueling foreign investment in the United States as the government turns to other nations to finance its spending.

About eight years ago I went through a process where I realised I wasn’t aligned with the person I wanted to be or the life I want to live. It was tough, really tough. In fact, it was absolutely crushing. But without that realisation, I would still be that person, in that place, and I would still be unconsciously resenting my life. There is a tremendous cathartic benefit in looking at where your ideas about yourself are being challenged by experience. Like I said, it’s rough, but in the long run it will

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