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If you must come during the summer, get ready to be social. Caldwell says, “These climbs are some of the best in the world, so obviously many people want to climb them.” Start late in the day and get comfortable climbing at night with a headlamp, or start an hour before daylight. If you get stuck on a crowded route, don’t be afraid to pass or let someone pass you. “It will make your experience more enjoyable to not have someone right behind you,” Caldwell says.Leslie Timms

There was a significant interaction between bifurcation and naive ants with pheromone ants that always had access to trail pheromones (=−3.170, =0.00762): at the first bifurcation, naive ants with pheromone were more accurate () at the second bifurcation, naive ants with pheromone were less accurate ().Please log in to add an alert for this article.

For example, assume that an administrator wants to create a floating static route as a backup to an EIGRP-learned route. The floating static route must be configured with a higher administrative distance than EIGRP. EIGRP has an administrative distance of 90. If the floating static route is configured with an administrative distance of 95, the dynamic route learned through EIGRP is preferred to the floating static route. If the EIGRP-learned route is lost, the floating static route is used in its place.To r

Does the presence of trail pheromone assist in route learning? Proportions of correct choices at the first and second bifurcations for: (1) ants on their sixth visit, trail pheromone present (closed diamond), (2) the same ants on the seventh visit, trail pheromone absent (open diamond), (3) ants on their seventh visit, trail pheromone absent throughout all visits (open circles), (4) ants on their seventh visit where trail pheromones were not removed (closed circles) and (5) naive ants that are walking on a

Other factors include the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic variations between patients the Minimum Effective Analgesic Concentration (MEAC, the lowest plasma concentration associated with an analgesic effect) varies fourfold between patients (Austin et al 1980). The variation of MEAC level between different patients accounts for the vast difference in analgesic requirements that may be encountered. This can be illustrated by the large variations in drug demand seen when Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA

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