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But, if the employee had access to the wages in the

Hi Alex, Was the manager stating the team’s commissions as a group total? Who was in attendance at the meeting?Hi Karl, Just to clarify, are you asking if it is legal for the company being asked to share the information?

Idealistic and flush with money from the success of Knock, Mr. Schlossberg said he began studying how a cash shortage affects people’s physical and mental well-being.Instead of waiting two weeks between paychecks, Walmart workers can now use an app to access a portion of wages for hours they have already worked.

Mr. Schlossberg, 30, said he set to create a product that could reduce the stress associated with money problems, joining a crowd of other so-called fintech start-ups seeking to disrupt the traditional banking model.

Of course, a universal maximum wage is really only workable if people, you know, work. But with great social programs and a guaranteed income not tied to performance, the only people who would come to work every day would be those who loved their jobs so much they&aposd do them for free. Otherwise, what&aposs a good reason to work? Why not call in sick over and over? Without financial incentive, we&aposd have to find some other way to keep people in line. Shirkers would have to be fined, publicly shamed or imprisoned.

Another challenge: the loss of investment. Capitalism depends on people&aposs ability to borrow money, take on financial risk and turn a profit, but in our universal wage society, there&aposs no incentive to make a loan: You&aposre not allowed to make more money than you have. But because investment drives economic growth, we&aposd still need a way to pump money into new ventures. The government would become the only source of financing outside of the $60,000 we each made every year. Economic growth would be politically mo

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