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Though all cultures have unaccompanied solo singing, the instrumental accompaniment of is widespread as well. Styles of accompaniment in western Europe appear to have changed over the last thousand years. At one time, it seems, simple, dronelike accompaniments were performed by stringed instruments such as harps, zithers, and psalteries. By the 19th century, simple harmonic sequences closely related to the practices of 18th-century classical music came to be used, with a variety of largely plucked instrume

“My whole life, my family has lived close and gotten together every year for the holidays. We are all very musical, so music has always been a big part of our holiday celebrations. Usually, at some point during the holiday, we will get together with whichever family is hosting the celebration that year, and sing Christmas songs and play piano.”

The success of the Heinz company dates back to 1869, when Henry John Heinz built his family business on the philosophy that profits should be fairly earned, employees should be fairly treated, and “heart power is better than horse power.” Nearly a century and a half later, H.J. Heinz&aposs ideals ring true in the management and administration skills of Heinz&aposs kin.

Being beastly to the heir has a long history. The first Henry Ford his son Edsel for years. Thomas Watson senior, the founder of , refused to pass on the reins until he was 82. Serge Dassault, of Dassault Enterprises, was 61 years old before his father gave him the chairmanship of the family aircraft business. In Britain, a television series fronted by Gerry Robinson, a former chief executive, has won viewers by repeatedly exposing the painful tensions that a lingering founder can cause within a family busi

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