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From ice, rocks and gravel, to wet mud, earth and

Like other plants and animals they may require specific living conditions, but they are more abundant and are found in types of sedimentary rocks. Because of this they can be a useful indicator of how climate has changed over a period of time.Earliest appearance in the Cretaceous North Sea

When I finally catch up, she has stopped at a ledge overlooking what our headlamps reveal to be a body of water—one of Dark Star’s many subterranean lakes. She grabs a lanyard attached to her harness and clips it on a gritty attached to a bolt hammered into the rock above us. The rope leads out over the lake and disappears into the black. The setup acts as a sort of zip line to ferry cavers across the frigid lake, too cold to swim in without a wet suit. She gives me a perky smile and steps off the ledge

Photograph by James P. Blair

It&aposs tempting to believe -- as many people do -- that cravings are the body&aposs way of telling us we&aposre lacking a certain nutrient that the food we crave can supply. Chocolate, the belief goes, might soothe a broken heart by replacing compounds lost in oceans of tears. Pregnant women might crave ice cream because they need calcium, or pickles because they lack sodium.Susan Bowerman is a dietitian and assistant director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition.

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