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And Darth Vader’s helmet and shoulder armor from . These are production made pieces that originated from Lucasfilm. They are made of fiberglass and expertly painted. They are pictured below and estimated to sell for $40,000 – $60,000.

We have supported the Pett Level Rescue Boat over the years. Recently we gave a grant of £5,000 to help them complete a new boathouse. Pictured are our President Lion Ian, Chairman of Pett Level Rescue Boat David Martin and incoming President Judy Cubison at the opening of their new boat house.A fun time at Uckfield Lions Club Murder Mystery Evening

The Pactolus River beside the slopes of Mount Tmolus in the kingdom of Lydia was one of the most important sources of electrum in the ancient world. According to Greek mythology, the river acquired its electrum when King Midas of nearby Phrygia bathed in it to wash away his golden touch, which had turned even his food into gold, a telling parable about the destructiveness of wealth. In actuality, The Paktolos River acquired its electrum from electrum-laden quartz deposits near Mount Tmolos (called Mount Boz

Our guest speaker this evening was John Poetzsch who spoke to us about passion to change how people view mental illness.  Here are his remarks: “Damaged by a Dysfunctional System, Determined to Alter It” That was the title of a newspaper article that caught my attention a year ago. The article was about two… Dinner is served at each meeting.

In my opinion, the House Chamber and the Senate are crucial to see on a visit to the capital. One of my favorite aspects is the ceilings in the House Chamber and the Senate. Restored panes of etched glass compose the ceilings. These beautifully display the coat of arms of all fifty states, in addition to various Victorian designs.

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