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2. Love will inherit a mixture of his parents’ characteristics.Hate comes from a kind of infatuation with the image, which Lacan refers to with Freud’s German term :

Nourished by the richness of analytic thinking in the British Society in the 1950s and 60s, he became a training analyst and a sought-after supervisor, and also developed close links to the child psychotherapists being trained at the Tavistock Clinic in the training started by Esther Bick at John Bowlby’s invitation. Also significant to him was his membership of the Imago group, which brought together distinguished art historians, philosophers and psychoanalysts and which deepened his interest in aest

However, I am wary of the ways in which local contingencies can feed into a reductive relativism that make cross-cultural and transnational alliances impossible. Without assuming a universal norm, one also has to be critical of Arab states and societies which have allowed very little tolerance of difference to a heterosexual norm propagated through religions and shared, visible social practices. They could not cope with many of the changes that have stemmed from globalisation, just as they could not deal wi

Here we encounter an interesting paradox. The society that tried to de-alienate social relations produced extremely unattractive commodities and artifacts of material culture (which even compelled the Moscow Conceptualists to invent a concept for a Soviet-produced object: —bad thing). By contrast, the society in which production was by definition based on alienated labor and social relations generated commodities that aroused intimacy, desire, and comfort—i.e., attitudes towards the commodity-object tha

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