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We must ensure that the Endangered Species

Beekeeping is fascinating. Honeybees have been on this earth for about 25 million years and are ideally adapted to their natural environment. Without honeybees the environment would be dramatically diminished. Invite a beekeeper to come and talk to any local group you support and give an illustrated talk about honeybee and the products of the hive. They might bring a few jars of honey too Honeybees are a part of our folklore and are one of only two insect species that are managed to provide us with essentia

“The data also shows that snow leopards prefer wild prey over livestock, so the more abundant species like ibex and blue sheep are, the fewer livestock kills you might see per individual snow leopard. But overall, because there will be more cats, local people will suffer more livestock losses”, says Suryawanshi.

Our natural resources are our heritage we owe our children the commitment to protecting their legacy against destruction. MKWC has taken an integrated approach to providing Kenya with healthy and genetically diverse mountain bongo herds that can fend for themselves in the wild.

On January 22, 2004, the District Court issued an Order granting interim injunctive relief to the WTC, et al., in response to the WTC&aposs July 16, 2003, motion for injunctive relief, pending EPA&aposs compliance with a schedule for review of these pesticides ordered earlier by the Court. The January 2004 Order:

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