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In the elderly, many of the aforementioned symptoms may not occur.

It is important to discuss with your doctor if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms. Additionally, you may need to seek the skills of an endocrinologist. If you have already been diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism and continue to have any or all of these symptoms, you need to discuss it with your physician.

If Holly isn’t in pain or distress, she would be fine with good nursing care. If she had a stroke, it be difficult to to determine a prognosis especially as we are unaware of the timeline of events. Other treatments like blood thinning and fluids would have been useful immediately after the stroke, but as time moves on the chances of a bright recovery decrease. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVMThe occurrence of a stroke is broken down into two types.

Lung cancer is predominantly a disease of the elderly almost 70% of people diagnosed with lung cancer are over 65 years of age, while less than 3% of lung cancers occur in people under 45 years of age. The median age at diagnosis is 70 years.What stage was your lung cancer when you were diagnosed?

After several decades of debate and numerous studies, the role of vitamin C for the treatment of URIs remains controversial. It appears that large doses of vitamin C are necessary to achieve its beneficial effect as an antioxidant in activated leukocytes. However, doses in excess of 4 g/day have been associated with diarrhea. The average benefit in studies using 2 to 4 g/day of vitamin C has been a decrement of about half a day (15%) in the duration of illness.

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