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These reactions to Advent aren't surprising, since we do

When my fellow troublemaker and #FuckThisShit conspirator, , and I started talking about this devotional and its visceral nature, I had been filled with so much anger and so much rage because of police shootings, the destruction of black and brown bodies, and the racism and vitriol tied to the 2016 presidential election. These emotions fueled much of my writing and energies in the past months. I thought this anger and rage would keep me, in this body, fueled to write during the season of Advent, yearning fo

Jesse trees are a great (and candy free!) alternative and a fun way to count down the days until Christmas as you journey through Salvation History by hanging a special ornament on a little tree each day of Advent. These ornaments correspond with Bible verses that tell the story of Jesus’ lineage and God’s saving actions throughout the Old Testament.

According to the Academy, the solution is to delay school start times. “In most districts, middle and high-schools should aim for a starting of no earlier than 8:30 a.m. However, individual school districts also need to take average commuting times and other exigencies into account in setting a start time that allows for adequate sleep opportunity for students,” it said in a statement.The aftermath of a mass shooting in the United States can feel like an all-too-familiar play.

At the end I have included a selection called that we enjoyed last year. It would be perfect to read as you move into the twelve days of Christmas. Yes, it has the wise men showing up at the stable and not at a house two years later, but the rest of the story is so enjoyable I can overlook that one inaccuracy.

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