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Nachminovitch oversaw PETA’s investigation of , a North

PETA writes that millions of dogs spend their lives chained outside in all weather or locked up in chain-link pens and wire cages in puppy mills, and that even in good homes animals are often not well cared for, they would like to see the population of dogs and cats reduced through spaying and neutering and for people never to purchase animals from pet shops or breeders but to adopt them from shelters instead. PETA supports programs in which animals are taken from shelters and placed in appropriate homes b

The attack took place August 16, and I can&apost find any follow-up reports on the child&aposs condition. I hope she will make full recovery. In one of life&aposs little ironies, reported that the City Council of Dover had proposed an animal ordinance designating specific breeds of dogs as dangerous. The German shepherd wasn&apost mentioned.Reminds me of an Australian from July 2006: That&aposs the thing about BSL: its basic premise is incorrect, and it doesn&apost work. As writes,

[L]amb raised on New Zealand’s clover-choked pastures and shipped 11,000 miles by boat to Britain produced 1,520 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per ton while British lamb produced 6,280 pounds of carbon dioxide per ton, in part because poorer British pastures force farmers to use feed. In other words, it is four times energy-efficient for Londoners to buy lamb imported from the other side of the world than to buy it from a producer in their backyard. Similar figures were found for dairy products a

“Our public safety agencies are taking actions now to respond to this winter storm,” . “The Virginia Emergency Support Team, coordinated by , is working with our local government to preposition resources and additional capabilities to ensure the safety of residents across Virginia.”

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