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Think about this; Who would you rather be surrounded by

The opposite of the jerk is the . The sweetheart sees others around him, even strangers, as individually distinctive people with valuable perspectives, whose desires and opinions, interests and goals are worthy of attention and respect. The sweetheart yields his place in line to the hurried shopper, stops to help the who dropped her papers, calls an acquaintance with an embarrassed apology after having been unintentionally rude. In a debate, the sweetheart sees how he might be wrong and the other person rig

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I was reading one of my newer favorite blogs, , and one of the articles Ben wrote was on on how people (and monkeys!) compare themselves others. They asked this same salary question to their subjects, and here were the results:hmm maybe 8, because even an 8 is not bad, and it will help with everyone’s confidence.

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