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2:00am - Jul 30 2018
User groups are the best way to manage

The List users page has two presentation options: “Show Active only” and “Show Inactive only” which allow the to view active users and inactive users in the system. For more information on inactive users, see below, .Artefactual is the developer of Archivematica and AtoM.

The Users area is where you can manage all of your users and groups within your console. Click below to learn about the various administrative controls you have beneath the Users tab. KnowBe4 enables your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day.

In addition to Users, Concrete5 contains the concept of . Groups are simply a way of combining users for any purpose. Groups are used primarily in Concrete5 permissions, as a given group of users can be allowed read, edit, delete, and administrative access to pages, areas and even individual blocks. Concrete5&aposs advanced permissions allow for as well – assigning permissions only to users who exist within two or more specific groups. Additionally, allow Concrete5 administrators to treat a group of groups

With the  tab of CRXDE Lite you can define the access control policies and assign the related privileges.


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