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When all these factors are present—and they mutually reinforce one another—the mind gains the ability to just and keep things on track. The effort becomes effortless, so to speak. Equanimity is like that—when you’re completely in balance and yet you have some momentum. You don’t make mistakes, and the work just appears to move forward on its own.In one who investigates and examines that state with wisdom and embarks upon a full inquiry into it, tireless is aroused.

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But the rest of the wage gap—nearly 60 percent—is influenced by all the structural and social factors that drive the decisions women make about where and how long they work. These factors constrain the choices that lead them to work and earn less. Altogether, they are why the 77-cent figure is meaningful: Comparing a woman and a man in the same occupation and with the same background in a very narrow way only tells you one part of the story—even a gender wage gap still persists within these types of c

Ajahn Buddhadāsa always stressed a broad understanding of the word in the phrase . Since are practically infinite, one could spend one’s whole life chasing after insignificant little quirks in detail and call practice. But Ajahn Buddhadāsa emphasized that there are a lot of that aren’t so necessary for us to spend our time on.

Finally (and most speculatively), in the case of Harvey, one of the most damaging aspects is how it hung around in one place, thanks to weak prevailing winds. Mann recently published a suggesting that such near-stationary summer weather patterns are made more common by climate change.Our climate has been in a , while we developed agriculture and advanced civilization and Netflix.

Having a risk ranking framework that is customizable for a business is critical for adoption. A tailored model is much more likely to produce results that match people&aposs perceptions about what is a serious risk. A lot of time can be wasted arguing about the risk ratings if they are not supported by a model like this. There are several ways to tailor this model for the organization. Let&aposs start with the standard risk model:

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