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People with bipolar disorders have extreme and intense

Without medication, she says these arguments might easily erupt into major battle. Instead of erupting in anger, she now finds herself walking away, dejected. “I don’t have enough energy to muster up any anger,” she says.His wife, Stephanie, is hopeful but realistic, after years of being verbally threatened and derided as “a slob” and “a prude.”

I also started taking scissors to my thighs and I would imagine cutting the fat off, even though I was also starving myself. I would feel such overwhelming mental pain that I would cut and scratch my skin to try to somehow numb it. I also experienced psychosis and paranoia: there were snakes on the walls and people following me. I wouldn&amp#x27t sleep for days in a row. A month before I turned 16, I was diagnosed with bipolar I at an outpatient mental health facility for children and teenagers.

Severe bipolar episodes of mania or depression may include psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions. Usually, these psychotic symptoms mirror person’s extreme mood. People with bipolar disorder who have psychotic symptoms can be wrongly diagnosed as having .Learn how you can help replace stigma with hope.

He first sought help for anger issues when he was 16 years old, after originally seeking help for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), but he’s unexpectedly forgiving about why the bipolar diagnosis was so long in “I never went in to the doctor really angry or in a high,” he says simply.She perseveres, in part because of the “horrible message” a separation would send their younger son, 10, who was himself diagnosed last year with OCD.

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