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Even though it was the Democratic Party that

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It’s difficult to know now whether the Democratic Party faces as consequential a decision today as Republicans did in the ’60s. On one level, Democratic arguments are over things like open versus closed primaries, campaign finance limits, other technical details that aren’t like to dramatically reshape the party no matter who wins. At another level, the party is arguing over whether to try harder to appeal to working-class white voters in the Rust Belt or to speak to the concerns of racial minorities.

To produce a governing majority, the party will need to survive an unsettling reckoning with itself. Donald Trump didn’t just prevail over the Democrats he called into doubt their truths.If the party cares about winning, it needs to learn how to appeal to the white working class.

So I can see why progressives would be peeved with Manchin. But it’s sort of silly to compare Manchin to the median Democrat. He represents West Virginia! FiveThirtyEight’s “,” which ignores party and instead compares how often members vote with Trump to how often we would expect them to based on Trump’s share of the vote in their state, shows Manchin as one of the Democrats’ most valuable members. Manchin votes for the Trump position but he does so about less than senators from similarly red s

And is it mere coincidence that what had happened among Democrats starting with McGovern finally happened among Republicans? Voters both parties have always been more reluctant than public officials to embrace foreign aid, military deployments and multinational agreements. In 2016, Republican primary voters seized the opportunity to choose a candidate who disdained his party’s previous support of these pillars of an assertive foreign policy. History doesn’t repeat itself, but sometimes it does rhyme.Mic

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