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The Substance of Things Seen: Art, Faith, and Christian Community

Thank you for your insight, both written and visual. daughter is an artist who also explores the intersection of art and faith. Her website is .

The way in which the act of faith relates to the object of faith as the object of the intellect, on the other hand, is indicated by the words “the evidence of things not seen,” “evidence” standing for the result of evidence. The firm adherence of the intellect to the unseen truth of faith is here called “evidence” because evidence leads the intellect to accept something in a final manner. Thus another version reads “conviction,” as in Augustine’s ., since the intellect is convinced by divi

In this Lenten season, in the midst of the mystery, what do we know in our bones? How do we live in a way that is congruent with this knowing—that gives expression to what we know, and embodies it in this world?

Through an endowment for an art ministry, Blacksburg (Virginia) Presbyterian Church invited Catherine Kapikian, artist-in-residence at Wesley Theological Seminary, to visit as an art consultant. Martha Dillard, an artist who chairs the congregation’s art committee, says that Kapikian “walked around with us and ‘read’ our church—how it felt, it expressed to people when they arrived. Consulting with her helped the committee see visual aspects of the church building through new ey

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