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Anger boils up inside me. Her sister asked me the same question about a year ago. I briefly wonder how long before my youngest is pondering the same thing. I paste a smile on my face. Military wife and mom 4, sharing her imperfectly perfect life, humorous mishaps and triumphs.

The feature, called , relied on Google’s machine learning brains to generate quippy responses based on the content of the received email. A note from a friend suggesting a dinner plan might be met with “Sounds great!” or “Looking forward to it!” Meanwhile, a question from a colleague about an upcoming work call might surface suggestions like “I’ll call you in a few” or “Are you available now?”

I draw as this stops me from thinking too much and helps me to focus. It’s amazing how fast time flies when I draw. If I’m reading I put on music as it has been proven the rhythm helps one to concentrate. Breathing exercises and meditation to start the day, also helps tremendously.The key is an immersive experience, one where attention can be total but largely passive.

Smaller music blogs (that are still influential) like , or get about 10,000 visits and 200 music submissions a day. How are you supposed to make your email to them stand out?

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