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When we conclude your complaint we will write to you, giving you our “Final Response”. This will tell you if we have upheld or rejected your complaint (in whole or in part), and if appropriate we will make an offer of redress.If we are unable to deal with your complaint within three working days we will write to you within 5 days of and inform you who is dealing with the complaint and when you can next expect a response.

For some reason 3 well managed credit card accounts have disappeared from my credit report. They are all with partners that your site says it works with, and all featured in my report 6 months ago when I had outstanding balances which I have now cleared. Please can you explain why they were removed and how I can have them reinstated? My credit score has not improved when I have basically cleared all my debt ahead of applying for a mortgage.I just got a copy of my credit report from Experian and and there is

The register of electors is produced for the of voting in elections and referendums. The law allows only legally registered credit reference agencies to purchase a copy of the register to help with fraud checking.

If you have moved recently, always give your previous address when you apply for financial services. If your application is refused because your name doesn&apost appear on the electoral register, explain that you have just moved. You can also offer other proof that you live at the new address. Organisations will usually accept a council tax bill gas, electricity, phone or water bill tenancy agreementmortgage or your driving licence.

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