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While recent years have seen a notable expansion of blended finance activity, the report highlights several important learnings that are needed to increase the scale and impact of blended finance. First, there is a need to ensure that blended finance initiatives remain aligned and complementary and, where possible, to invest in existing solutions that have the potential to scale. Second, to attract private investors, absolute risk must be acceptable, the risk-return profile of investments must be at market

RNA sequencing allows researchers to better identify deleterious alterations, such as gene fusions or changes in gene expression. Chinnaiyan and his team also used RNA sequencing to analyze the amount and type of immune cells that infiltrated the patients’ tumor-invaded tissues. RNA sequencing data, says, allows a clearer glimpse into the “immune phenotypes” associated with individual cancers – in other words, the factors that suppress the immune system’s ability to fight tumor growth.

Justice Stephen Breyer discusses the Supreme Court’s role as a check on executive authority and the global influence on courts, in the first of two articles based on an exclusive interview with the justice. This is part of a series of exclusive Law360 interviews with current and former...

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The opposition has felt time and again it has been denied victory: in 2007 because of claims of election rigging, and in 2013 because of electronic equipment that didn’t work. it, protesting against this election is about the accumulation of this frustration as much as the result itself.On Sunday, he addressed supporters in Kibera, calling on them to boycott the state by refusing to work.

He says that it’s crucial to understand that cancer is never static and always evolving – and treatments should reflect that. As tumors cross into different tissues, new mutations may arise, changing their molecular composition, which could diminish the efficacy of cancer drugs. Likewise, tumors can adapt to therapeutic drugs and develop new ways to survive. To maintain the most effective, up-to-date, treatment, Chinnaiyan argues that more frequent biopsies (of both the tumor and its immune microenviron

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