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Creating a high performance work environment is a complex problem. We

Unity builds are faster because they avoid reparsing common headers across compilations. For example, if you have two compile steps for “foo.obj” and “bar.obj” and they both include “MyMonsterHeader.h”, and those two compiles happen separately, then your build as a whole ends up reading and (critically) *parsing* MyMonsterHeader.h twice. If you slurp that all into a unity build, and you’ve done else correctly, then that header is only read and parsed once, no matter

Keysight was one of only two organizations named 2014 winners in the large employer category. Winners were selected based on results of an anonymous employee survey and nomination applications submitted by the organizations. Keysight&amp#39s award was spotlighted in a North Bay Business Journal article, which included comments by Keysight President and CEO Ron Nersesian. The Sept. 22 article is available .

At the Center for Leadership and Innovation, we teach tailored techniques that generate and maintain the momentum for managing change. It all starts with our “harnessing, promoting, and diffusing” model. First, we empower you to harness the idea of innovation. Then, we help you promote it throughout your entire organization. Finally, we teach you how to diffuse innovation deep into your organization’s roots because the more your employees embrace innovation, the more successful you’l

The answers given in the Finnish national report are based on the Quality of Work Life Surveys in 1997 and 2003. In 1997, some 2,979 were surveyed and the response rate was 79%. Some 4,104 people responded to the 2003 survey and the response rate was 78%.

The Secretaries Board comprises all Secretaries and the APS Commissioner. It is chaired by the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&ampC).Understand the role of the Centre and what it offers.

The 1997 includes a company survey, mainly in the manufacturing and food sectors, complemented by employee questionnaires. The two sections of the survey comprise various questions dealing with themes such as working in groups and collective work practices. A total of 4,804 ‘stable’ employees, with at least one year’s seniority, were chosen at random from companies with 50 or more employees in the manufacturing and food sectors, with the exception of the energy sector, and were asked questions about

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