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If they were a framer, the worker should have had heavy hammers, T-squares, levels, etc. If they were a finish carpenter, their toolset would have included little pin hammers, miter boxes, etc. However, if the worker said they were a framer and didn&apost have a T-square, my Nonno would immediately know the applicant was blowing smoke.

You want to be with someone who can talk through your problems and can try to handle them as calmly as possible. Don’t let your problems go unresolved, don’t let them just fizzle away and “worry about them later” because that won’t fix anything.Those things are all fine and dandy to know, but those things won’t really teach you who they really are as a person.

Facebook lets you download all of the immense amounts of data it has on you, including the posts you’ve shared, your messages and photos, ads you’ve clicked on and even the IP addresses that are logged when you log in or out of the site. It’s a lot of information, which you’ll want to get your hands on if you decide to quit the social network.The ability to remove and block friends is handy, but the site doesn’t make it easy to find out if other people have or removed you as a friend.

My usual response is: “How do you know?”

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