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P-Square began in St. Murumba secondary school, a

I pray that the women in your lives married you for love otherwise they are about to see a part of you they’ve not been able to catch a glimpse of. I am speaking of vulnerability when year in year out you fail to top the charts and you dont loom large in the indusrty. When you realize money is not streaming in as before and you need to to your spouse why junior cannot remain in that very expensive school. Just pray that vulnerability does not breed contempt.

These guys are fraudsters. That is all.I really hope this is the end because any more drama after this will probably get the same reaction as the third and final one from the townspeople in the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Deola Sagoe has given African fashion in the 21st century the most radical expression imaginable, from the deeply rooted African fabrics to perfectly matched accessories. Known for constantly fabulous design o a two-time international award winner creates designs that truly celebrate Africa and Nigeria. Described as the African fashion designer who is placed to interpret our cultural diversity and artistry, our earthiness and mystery, our colors warmth and passion of the African woman in her simplicity and

Haahahahaha Nigerians are just like Cameroonians when it comes to celebreties. i can immagin what was done to samuel etoo in cameroon. But i will give you Nigerians an advice! those guys revolutionise the nigerian music industry and have an everlasting legacy. inspite of their childishness They deserve some respect though they need to be scolded at.Good news for fans, the Okoye brothers are all back together to continue making good music.

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