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Copyright © 2018 ,a division of Verbal self-defense has three parts:

The innate resistance and defensiveness to conversations about bigotry don’t mean that you should never talk about racism, sexism, homophobia, or other kinds of hate. But those conversations may have to be held more tactfully — positioning people into a more receptive position to hear what these problems are all about.But how, exactly, should those conversations and campaigns take form — in a way that can meaningfully reduce eliminate racial prejudice?

The minute we do that, all listening stops. You can&apost listen to what someone else is saying and listen to your own self-talk at the same time it&aposs not neurophysiologically possible. And what happens next? A great deal of the time, a fight happens. Like this:Our culture teaches three standard ways to respond to a verbal attack:

Because Hochschild, who’s liberal, didn’t immediately dismiss the woman’s comments and insult her, the two managed to have a frank conversation to reach a better understanding of each other. And the two continued talking as Hochschild wrote her book. From one simple exchange of empathy, it was possible to have more frank conversations.

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