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For a film so devoted to cutting off fan speculation,

Then again, this wouldn&apost be a 21st Century  film directed by Ridley Scott if there weren&apost something to shake your head about as you leave the theater. More the mythology, that ability to terrify and confound in equal measure might be this prequel&aposs greatest innovation.   In a way, is a film about a couples retreat run by a psychotic robot.

The Clegane brothers had a broken relationship from the start Gregor tortured and bullied Sandor in their childhood, and infamously pushed his face into a fire, which how he got those gruesome face wounds. They went on to serve for House Lannister—Sandor as a warrior, and Gregor as a Knight. The Hound’s resentment for his brother deepened as they grew older and he committed more evil acts, like raping and murdering Elia Martell during the Sack of King’s Landing.

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Yes, we did that. We didn’t in the first couple seasons, but then we started to with the last couple.The stars screened their movie in the town it was filmed and invited fans to

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