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To support the U.S., Puerto Ricans began to attack Spanish-owned

For some people they are. Some communities that are well off got food and supplies, but there are poor areas the government hasn’t visited. Our office was closed for a month, so we worked from my house and would go out to devastated communities and try to help get them they need. this doc may help you to understand that is not their choice to be part of the US.

On March 6, a walkout is planned and coordinated among East L.A. high schools. Approximately 10,000 students peacefully walk out of four schools and are joined by parents and supporters. Police are sent to maintain order—and things get out of a period of five months, more than 125,000 Cubans arrive in South Florida.

Really!? WTF does Puerto Rico have to offer US corporations? You have NO natural resources besides tropical jungle and mountains that has no value beyond conservation. is no gold, diamonds, oil, rubies, or anything of value.

Roosevelt’s order was in accordance with a contingency plan developed by a “special board” of the U.S. Navy in June 1897 in case America went to war with Spain over Cuba. The plan included an attack on Manila, Philippines to deprive Spain of a naval base and source of revenue.weak and catering to the rabble, and, besides, a low politician, who desires to leave a door open to me and to stand well with the jingoes of his party.

Puerto Rico’s legal status is complicated, and it helps exacerbate circumstances that lead to poverty and civil rights issues. And these have only worsened since the hurricane. the Supreme Court in the determined that Congress owns Puerto Rico, the U.S. can rule over Americans living on the island without granting them the full constitutional rights enjoyed by those living in the states. This affects health care programs like Medicaid and Medicare, fair access to government resources that help vulnerable

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