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When the city fell, Tolstoy was asked to

The engineer couldn’t hold back the engine. It whistled with all its might and right over the girl.The engine was already so close and the engineer whistled that it was going full speed.

Strangely, though, in spite of many Russians&apos passion for his works, celebrations are being held everywhere but his own country. Here, as I&aposve discovered in the past week, trying to learn about the writer in his home city, there are no Tolstoy trails, few English-speaking Tolstoy guides and no visitor information in languages other than Russian. What strikes one when visiting this country estate, and his town house in Moscow (to which he reluctantly moved in 1882 so that his children could be better educat

Just recently I was feeling unwell and read . I had forgotten a good bit, read it over again, and I do not know a better book in all our new literature, including Pushkin. It’s not the tone but the wonderful point of view – genuine, natural, and Christian. A splendid, instructive book. I enjoyed myself the whole day as I have not done for a long time. If you see Dostoevsky, tell him that I love him.Tolstoy wrote about the experience of living in its all-encompassing detail and sweep, Dostoevsky wrote ab

The university was one of the places young Leo Tolstoy disliked the most and frequented the least. Tolstoy did actually try to study here–first oriental languages and then law, but nothing came of it, and he left the university in 1847.Those particular shops have long since but nowadays there is a store called the Book House on this street where you can buy works by Tolstoy as well as other Russian authors.

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