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I said, ‘Alright, cool.’ I dropped him off at school, went to the mall, then when I was done, go back to my friend Jenn’s house, where I normally go, sit and smoke with my friend.I had never known anybody who had killed anybody else, so there’s no way I could have known.

“[T]he Uber scandal feels different. It feels like a watershed,” Farhad Manjoo , speculating that this was the moment that the industry was going to finally take sexism seriously and begin to clean house. Recent legislative action and the emergence of independent whistleblowers suggest Manjoo was right. But why, after decades of inaction, is change finally coming to Silicon Valley now?

He then defined the mission of most universities as being primarily two things — research, or the discovery advancement of knowledge and teaching, the conveying of knowledge. In order to advance these two goals, he said, universities cannot and should not follow these three basic rules of freedom of speech.

The final post-credit scene is one more of these PSAs. “I’m Captain America, here to talk to you about one of the most valuable traits a solider or student can have: patience,” the begins in beautifully fourth-wall smashing style. “Sometimes it leads to very little and it seems like it’s not worth it. And you wonder why you waited so long…” he then breaks off, addressing somebody behind the camera: “how many of these have I go to do?”. Cut to black.In the first scene we see Michael Keaton

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