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… We cannot lightly assume that sovereign states intended to impose upon themselves the more onerous, rather than the less burdensome, obligation by mandating or such standards, guidelines and recommendations. To sustain such an assumption and to warrant such a far-reaching interpretation, treaty language far more specific and compelling than that found in Article 3 of the would be necessary. 

Accordingly, the above excerpt from the 1993 Scheduling Guidelines, together with the linguistic similarities between the two subsectors, provide strong support for interpreting subsector 10.D of the United States’ Schedule as corresponding to subsector 10.D of W/120, notwithstanding the absence of CPC codes in the United States’ Schedule. … As regards the temporal correlation between an event, act, or instrument and the conclusion of the treaty … 

Maonera Felix, ‘WTO Agreements (other than the TRIPS Agreement) and other WTO measures relevant to access by African countries to affordable medicines.’ Paper prepared for 2007

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2. How much additional time will be allowed?The Eastern Regional Coordinator is responsible for union activity in Delaware, Maryland, parts of New York and New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington DC.

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