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Last week, at ‘s upcoming War For The Atlas expansion, set to release free for all on December 8th. As impressive as it looks, it is geared heavily towards the more hardcore end of the playerbase: those who have conquered the main story and hunger for more challenge.The biggest hits of the past 12 months

I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume you meant “engineering eternity” for that search instead of the garble you typed.Looking at the behind bad games

The easiest build in the game to play is probably Cyclone Duelist (Slayer). It’s 1 button spin to win with buffs, massive life leach and the option to go pure physical, use bleed, or full damage conversion to elemental. All you have to do to reach maps is get a 5 link for Cyclone, keep your weapon relevant and stack health / resists on your gear. It also scales quite well and can clear all content with minimal optimisation, making it a good option to farm items / currency for other builds. There are d

Berman and Bernard served as social secretaries in the Bush and Obama White Houses respectively, experience which has uniquely positioned them give advice on how to treat people. Starting with the premise that everyone is important and deserves to be treated well, the authors draw on their interactions with leaders, politicians, and celebrities to illustrate a wide range of social skills and pitfalls. These engaging stories apply to a variety of social and professional settings, and the authors go beyond me

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