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These reactions to Advent aren't surprising, since we do

‘Tis the season for . Drink up with this tea sampler featuring fair trade brews like English Breakfast, Rooibos, and Indian Spice Each brew is packed in a hand-sewn, decorative envelope. Leave the envelopes in their box, or hang them on a piece of twine to make an advent calendar that doubles as a holiday garland. You may unsubscribe at any time.

“Life is either a daring adventure,” said Helen Keller, “or nothing at all.”  The same could be said of faith.  To grow deeper in faith, you must go deeper into the unknown, into vulnerability, and into risk.  Jesus never said, “Come and stay put.”  Instead, he said, “Come and follow me.”  In this five-part sermon series, we’ll look at some of the epic walks of faith in Scripture, and learn what it means to join the daring adventure of journeying with God.In this n

Pastoring Lutheran-style in Silicon Valley. (Un)Intended disruptor. Loves/ freaked out by Jesus. Indian-American living life in the hyphen.

And then the other type of content that performed really well was, you know, memes, like a photo that just sort - kind of expressed a very partisan opinion. These - you know, weren&apost necessarily factually based, but they really kind of riled up the base. And for the pages that were partisan pages on the right and the left, if you had stuff that really appealed to people&aposs existing beliefs - really appealed to, you know, a negative perception of Hillary Clinton, a negative perception of Donald Trump - even i

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