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On the evil side of the house we have the that is about as as it gets today. It will get infinitely worse as nation-states use Reputation Banks to cram ideology down people’s throats.If you’re working in crypto and you’re not thinking about all the ways to misuse crypto then it’s very likely that instead of designing system to save the world you just created a prison for it.

It is caused by a virus can be passed on by skin-to-skin contact. You can also be infected by touching things that have been contaminated by the virus. For example, by sharing towels, flannels or soft toys that have been used by someone who has molluscum contagiosum. Once one area of skin is affected the rash can spread to other areas of your skin. However, most people are resistant (immune) to this virus. Therefore, most of those who come into contact with affected people do not develop molluscum contagios

Once it’s up and running, remember that your knowledge base is a self-serve operation. You’ll need to make sure your knowledge base is easy to navigate. And easy to use. Allow contributors to use speed-templates to upload data. Use labels/search terms to categorize information so articles are easy to find. Organize the content to fit your audience and company, and stay on top of it like a control freak’s sock drawer.Besides instituting a really strong knowledge management system, here are

When floodwaters recede, affected areas are often blanketed in silt and mud. The water and landscape can be contaminated with hazardous materials, such as sharp debris, pesticides, fuel, and untreated sewage. Potentially dangerous mold blooms can overwhelm water-soaked structures. Residents of flooded areas can be left without power and clean drinking water, leading to outbreaks of deadly waterborne diseases like typhoid, hepatitis A, and cholera.

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